Recent Devotions

  • Advent Gifts: The Prince of Peace
    The Baby born in a manger would one day bear the burden of our peace on His shoulders. He would embrace the war, strife and wrath our sin deserved. He would take that war to the grave. The war would stay in the grave, but He would not. Peace with God would again be possible.
  • Advent Gifts: Mighty God & Everlasting Father
    The prophetic names of the coming Messiah, Mighty God and Everlasting Father are reminders that in some ways Jesus is nothing like us. And that is a good thing.
  • Advent Gifts | A Wonderful Counselor
    What makes someone a great counselor? The best counselors are the ones who have been where you’ve been, walked in your shoes and lived to tell you about it.

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What is Advent?

Advent comes from a Latin word meaning ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’. For centuries Christians have reflected upon the 1st Advent – Jesus’ arrival as Messiah and also the 2nd Advent when Jesus will come as King.

Traditionally, the Advent season occurs in the weeks leading up to Christmas. There are a variety of ways in which people have celebrated the season, but no matter how you celebrate the season, what is important is the opportunity to reflect on the Savior who came to fulfill God’s promise of rescue and redemption.

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